‘Three Otters’

Hurrah for us! Minnesotans have embraced rosé in major fashion, along the way coming to realize that it’s not just a warm-weather quaffer. In fact, wines like the Fullerton “Three Otters” Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Rosé 2016 ($20) show why these pink delights are perfect for holiday parties and meals, particularly the feast of which many of us will be partaking Thursday. With gorgeous, striking notes of citrus and fresh strawberry on the nose and palate, fresh mineral goodness and a mouthwatering finish, this is a wine for all seasons. This is a blend of two batches produced by the father-son team of Eric and Alex Fullerton, who held a contest to see which tasted better; turns out it was a mixture of the two. Besides turkey and trimmings, salty appetizers play well with this gem.

Available at Tonka Bottle Shop, the Vintage, Rogers and Wayzata munis, France 44 and Dolce Vita.

Bill Ward