Coeur de Camargue Rosé 2016

Rosé can be made from all manner of grapes. The Coeur de Camargue Rosé 2016 ($17) is a blend of 70 percent merlot and 30 percent caladoc (a grenache/malbec hybrid). It’s surpassingly refreshing with surprising depth, spot-on balance and a lovely finish. Most of all, it’s delicious. Emanating from a tiny region called Bouchees du Rhône at the river’s mouth, this lively French rosé bears a label paying exquisite homage to the wild horses of a nearby national park. As with most rosé, it should play very well with most any appetizers and seafood, but this one’s sturdy enough to pair with burgers and brats.

Available at Pour, Brightwines, Zipp’s, Henry & Son, North Loop and Domacin Wine Shop.

Bill Ward