2014 Giesen Marlborough Riesling

Years ago, Giesen afforded me a swell introduction to New Zealand sauvignon blanc. So what a treat it was to check out the seriously tasty 2014 Giesen Marlborough Riesling ($15). This tropical delight, with lovely floral and fruit components, provides a mouthful of fruit-cocktail-like goodness, plus light but firm acidity doing that pas de deux dance. It’s dry enough for people who eschew sweet wines and vibrant enough for riesling lovers. And the array of fruits glides smoothly across the mid-palate and finish, leaving you longing for more. Mildly spicy Asian food — Indian, Thai, Vietnamese — and roast pork are ideal accompaniments.

Available at: G-Will, Liquor Barrel (Golden Valley), Kowalski’s (Eagan, Oak Park Heights, Uptown), Northfield and Westside (Waite Park).

Bill Ward