2014 Domaine du Tariquet Sauvignon Blanc

The term "minerally" is probably overused and definitely misunderstood in wine assessment. It's about texture, not flavor, plus freshness and firmness. And the 2014 Domaine du Tariquet Sauvignon Blanc ($11) has all of that, plus juicy and tasty fruit and a bracing, refreshing finish. Not sure what else anyone could want in a white wine. A lovely, semi-intense floral nose, vivacious flavors (tropical and citrus fruits) and zingy acidity are hallmarks of this gem from France's Gascogne region in the Alpine foothills. Try it with seafood, whether it be light (ceviche, oysters) or heavy (salmon), and be sure to get some more for when we can break out the patio furniture and start sipping alfresco.

Available at Cellars, 1010 Washington, South Lyndale, Thomas and Stinson.

Bill Ward