The Vikings today face an inferior opponent at U.S. Bank Stadium.

What could go wrong?

The Jaguars are 1-10 and have lost their last 10 games. Why should the Vikings take them seriously?

1. The Vikings lost to the Colts in Week 2.

2.The Vikings' two worst losses this season both occurred at home against lousy teams - Atlanta and Dallas.

3. The Vikings are probably thinking about what should be their most important game of the season, next Sunday at Tampa Bay.

4.. The Jaguars have been competitive in six of their games - five one-score losses and their victory.

5.. The Vikings' loss to Dallas came against a backup quarterback, Andy Dalton. They're facing backup Mike Glennon today.

6.. The Vikings' loss to Atlanta was the result of Kirk Cousins throwing an interception on the first offensive play of the game. If Cousins turns the ball over, the Vikings can lose to anyone.>

Now, if I bet on sports, I"d bet heavily on the Vikings. They should win. But if the Jaguars can run the ball early and can capitalize on a turnover or two, they could keep it close. Last week, they lost by just two points to the 8-win Cleveland Browns.