Will receiver Stefon Diggs play this week?

That’s a question not only Vikings fans, but head coach Mike Zimmer’s own blood, will be asking this week. When broached with the topic of fantasy football on Monday morning, Zimmer said “all I know” is his daughter, Corri, is in a league and seeks her dad’s advice at times.

“Sometimes she’ll ask me, ‘Hey, who’s going to be better this week?’” Zimmer said. “‘So-and-so or so-and-so?’

“I don’t know. I have no idea. She’ll ask me about other teams, who would you pick, this guy? And I’m like, who do they even play? I don’t know.”

Zimmer, the  60-year-old football  lifer, often  says he doesn’t get inundated with the outside noise surrounding his football team, which for all 32 NFL clubs increasingly involves the rise of fantasy football.

“I don’t even know how to play it,” Zimmer said. “I just know they pick guys and get yards.”

Zimmer is currently in his 23rd NFL season as a coach, but shook his head no when asked if he’d noticed any differences through the years with how fans interact with coaches or players based on for-money fantasy leagues that can pay out sizable awards.

But one of the ways fantasy football has permeated into his life is Corri, whom Zimmer offered does try to pick her dad’s brain about other players and his own team. Though the Vikings’ interest doesn’t necessarily come from her fantasy team as she cheers for the head coach.

“She has asked injury questions,” Zimmer said. “‘Hey, is Diggs going to play this week?”

Does he answer?


After a reference to ‘insider trading,’ Zimmer added “not for me. I wouldn’t know. I’m the least person to know.”

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