The Jurors

The Noor case was decided by a jury of 10 men and two women. There were six who appeared to be people of color on the panel, four of them immigrants.

Juror 1: A male overnight manager at a high-end grocery store.

Juror 2: A male civil engineer who works on track designs for light rail, streetcars and freight trains. He said he knew only "the basics" of the case.

Juror 3: A man who works as a carpenter and also writes.

Juror 4: A female obstetrician-gynecologist who described herself as a person of color. She said she has been second-guessed and mistaken as a nurse or lab technician because of other people's implicit bias.

Juror 5: A man who emigrated from the Philippines. He works as a host at a restaurant.

Juror 6: A man who moved to the United States from Ethiopia. He works in the medical field.

Juror 7: A male Minneapolis firefighter who knows three first responders on the prosecution's witness list.

Juror 8: A man who emigrated from the Philippines and works as an immigration services officer for the Department of Homeland Security.

Juror 9: A man who works in the financial investment industry.

Juror 10: A man who previously served in the Navy "hunting submarines" from helicopters. He has a permit to carry a gun.

Juror 11: A man who leads groups for people working on mental health issues and substance abuse recovery.

Juror 12: A woman who emigrated from Pakistan several years ago and said she had "never heard" of the Noor case.