Wrote my column for the Wednesday paper on the lifting of the Wolves' curse.

Now I'll tell you who I would take with the first pick in the draft.

I think Flip Saunders will take Jalil Okafor. Saunders' eyes light up when he talks about Okafor's huge hands and natural moves around the basket.

He's not wrong. Okafor could be a monster.

But I take Karl-Anthony Towns. Not because I'm sure he will be the best player. But because I believe he is the safest of the top picks.

Okafor might have more offensive upside. D'Angelo Russell could be the next Steph Curry. Emmanuel Mudiay could be an unstoppable guard. Kristaps Porzingis could be the next Dirk Nowitzki.

Saunders will want to hit a grand slam with this pick, another reason I think he takes Okafor.

I'm so paranoid about Timberwolves luck that I'd take the safest player who might be great, and that's Towns. At the very least he'll be a good all-around player who can and will defend, who hustles, who is unselfish, and who can already shoot.


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