A 21-year-old White Bear Lake man on Friday was charged with second-degree murder following an altercation between the defendant's brother and a friend of their father's.

Joseph James Derks allegedly stabbed the family friend, Robert Darren Olson, to death Thursday after his brother and Olson got into a fight at a home in the 2500 block of Crown Hill Court, where Derks' father lives.

According to the criminal complaint, Derks' brother called him to help him get Olson to leave. When Derks arrived, he took a knife with him into the house.

He went into the basement and there, according to statements in the complaint from Derks and other witnesses, saw Olson choking Derks' 17-year-old brother.

When Olson would not stop, Derks told police, he began stabbing him in the back and neck. In the process, Derks also accidentally stabbed his brother in the leg.

Police responded shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday to the home on a report of "blood everywhere," and found Olson on the floor of the basement.

Olson, 47, was pronounced dead shortly after police arrived.

According to the complaint, while waiting for medics to arrive, a distraught Derks yelled, "I'm sorry, Dad!"

Derks was overheard on the phone saying, "Grandma, I just killed Ole," referring to a nickname for Olson.

Police arrested Derks, whom they found waving in the road when they arrived at the home.

His brother was sitting in the driveway as another man held a belt around his wounded right leg.

James Walsh