A former White Bear Lake lacrosse coach repeatedly sent photos of her cleavage and exposed body to a 14-year-old boy, according to charges filed Friday.

Amber J. Cron, 20, of Forest Lake, was charged by the White Bear Lake city attorney with one count of gross misdemeanor distribution of obscene materials.

On June 10, Cron allegedly sent the boy three photos on Snapchat. The first was of her cleavage, the second was of her exposed breast and the last was of her cleavage again, the charge said.

"[The boy] responded with a picture of his forehead, due in part to his confusion of the picture," the criminal complaint said.

The boy sent another picture of his forehead after the second photo, and unfollowed Cron after her last photo, the complaint said.

"Cron attempted to add [the boy] back on Snapchat the following day, but he did not accept Cron's request," the complaint said.

Cron was charged via arrest warrant and was not in custody as of Friday afternoon.

White Bear Lake Area Schools spokeswoman Marisa Vette said that the district employed Cron as a lacrosse coach from April to June of this year and that the allegations against her were made after her employment had ended.

"The district immediately commenced an investigation," Vette said.

According to the complaint: White Bear Lake police were contacted on June 19 by a school district employee who reported the incident. The boy had reported Cron's behavior to an athletic director on June 11 — the day after she allegedly sent the photos.

Police spoke to the boy on June 20, and he said that he is on the boy's lacrosse team and met Cron when he helped the managers of the girls' lacrosse team, which she coached.

The boy allegedly told police that he started following Cron on Instagram, another photo-sharing social media site. Cron added him on Snapchat two weeks before the police interview. The two sent each other random photos, the boy allegedly told police.

Authorities said they issued an arrest warrant for Cron because she is a risk to the safety of children and the boy, and they said they also planned to issue no-contact and stay-away orders to keep Cron from the school.

Cron did not have an attorney listed for her case.

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