Wheels Three weeks ago, I started biking to work.

It's a 20-mile round trip and I am a New Woman, liberated from my car (on most days, anyway).

It took a few things -- some directly related, some not -- for me to get my bike out of the garage and brush off the cobwebs.

1) The Biking Doc

Last winter, I did a story about Tom Kottke, a St. Paul cardiologist who faithfully bikes to and from work, even in the winter. When it snows, he rides a bike with studded tires.

He also has a foldable bike that he sticks in a suitcase and takes around the world, allowing him to see new countries from a perspective different from that of a car window. Closer to the people, and all that. What a fabulous idea, I thought. Just not for me.

2) The Car Crash

Last spring, I totaled my trusty Honda CRV. The other car ran a red light. Everyone was fine, but both cars were pretty bashed up. After that, I didn't feel like driving much ...


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