If you haven't been already, it's time to start thinking about the design of your home and what's changing in the new year.

As the gray trend, open shelving and massive lighting begin to make their bow, bursts of bold color, individualism, vintage furniture, irregular and imperfect and modernist curves are taking the stage.

"Colors are back in a big way, with plenty of trending colors to choose from," Sharon McCormick, of Sharon McCormick Designs, said. "Magenta, golds, reds, teal and earth tones are replacing the white and neutral interiors of the past decade. We are ready for the zest of vibrant colors."

To bring color into a room, consider painting the walls, getting a new rug, new pillows or some kind of fabric and accessories.

"Don't forget ceilings as an opportunity to use color," McCormick said. "Deep colors look even more compelling on walls or built-ins when lacquered."


In your kitchen, the time of gray and blue cabinets is going away while white mixed with lighter wood elements is coming in.

"Pieces of furniture used as kitchen islands, rather than cabinetry, add individualism and a way to bring the design aesthetic of nearby rooms into the kitchen," she said.

Quartz countertops are still trending. The light countertops can be contrasted with items such as a black stainless steel non-scratchable sink.

Another trend coming in are workstation sinks with built-in cutting boards, dish racks and multi-bowl sinks. This allows you to change the configuration to be able to prep and wash in one location.


In your bathroom, matte black is the star of 2023.

"Matte black is the 2023 standard bearer for bathroom plumbing fixtures and accessories," McCormick said. "Black is always chic and sophisticated. Spa-like bathrooms are still wildly popular, but graphic matte black is another way to go."

Blues in bathrooms have been popular for its watery appeal, but greens are beginning to take their place. Teals and turquoise are bolder choices for the new year.

Make sure to bring luxury into the bathroom. Warm amenities such as heated towel racks, warming drawers, heated floods, heated toilet seats and bathtubs with heated backs are all trending.

Furniture choices

As far as furniture in your home goes, curves and Art Deco are in.

"Rounded chairs and sofas lend themselves to more creative furniture arrangements," McCormick said.

Vintage finds, which have been popular during the pandemic, are still very much in style.

"Not only is it a socially conscious 'green' choice, but it's generally well-made, immediately available and often economically priced," she said. "The patina of the wood finishes lend a warmth and coziness that newer pieces may not."

As far as the overall feeling of your home, minimalism is out. Putting your own mark on your home with individualism, personalization and variety are in.

"Matching suites of furniture are passe," McCormick said. "It's time to pull out family heirlooms, unique pieces, collections and art to layer a room that is all yours."

Uniting the vintage furniture with an individual flare brings master craftsmanship into the home with more ornate furniture, rich wood tones and inlays replacing cookie cutter mass market pieces.

"Breakdown furniture made of materials that have plastic elements using petroleum are not sustainable and are made to be disposable in about five years only to pile up in landfills," McCormick said.

Also trending out are blingy interiors and modern farmhouse, paving the way for more subtle expressions of luxury and natural materials.

As you look at your home and ask yourself, what will the new year bring? Consider breaking from the mold and making your home yours. Put your stamp on it and have fun with color, textures and furniture.