The Keeper-Upper shovels early and often, starting as soon as a flake falls on their walk, then lathers-rinses-repeats with every inch or so. Conscientious or obsessive?

The Laggard procrastinates while pedestrians trample the snow. As a result, shoe-shaped ice forms on the concrete, and will remain there until spring.

The Halftracker drags a shovel through the snow in front of their house, carving a single, narrow path down the middle of their walkway.

The Laster won't start until the snowfall stops. Why shovel when it's just going to snow more? (These are the shovelers who keep chiropractors busy.)

The Enthusiast is the block's MVP. Once this neighbor gets started with his or her shovel or snowblower, they just keep going, clearing the sidewalk up and down the street.

The Salter takes the belt-and-suspenders approach, liberally tossing scoops of salt after down-to-the-concrete shoveling. They sometimes augment with sand or cat litter, for extra traction.

The Lazy Salter turns to rock salt instead of a shovel when just a few inches fall, preferring to scatter and let the sun do the work. Laggards and Lasters often resort to this by late winter.

The Gadgeteer can choose from an array of snow removal tools, based on the depth and weight of the snow. At the ready are snowblowers (two sizes), shovel, choppers, chippers and brooms.

Larks and Nightingales start too early or finish too late. Because they work early or late, they're scraping the walk or firing up the snowblower when you're trying to sleep.

The Aerobic Shoveler has earbuds, a few dance moves and the energy to tackle a pile of snow like it's a heart-pumping workout.