Bold red with yellow plaid. Florals paired with stripes. Chunky shoes in black and white. The individual elements of winter’s outfits may seem simple, but the calculus of finding the right stylistic balance requires an artistic eye. Mixing patterns? Do it in the same hues. Want to wear an especially busy top? Keep the bottom element clean. But always learn to have fun with the A+ offerings this fashion season.

Tartan Plaid

Plaid blouse, $40,
Red pants, $50,
Marni oxfords, $710, similar style at
Vintage steelcase desk, $500,
Pair of chairs, $300,

Candy Striper

Balenciaga blouse, $1,250,
Floral Dolce & Gabbana pants, $500,
Tweed hat, $38,
White earrings, $48,

Racing Stripe

Veronica Beard blouse, $105,
Earrings, $10,
Derek Lam shoes, $220,
Stripe pants, $40,
Lucite eyewear, similar from $279 at


Floral blouse, $30,
Blue backpack, $12,
Houndstooth pant, $78,
Phillip Lim shoes, $190,
Turquoise earrings, $12,


Floral blouse, $40,
Ruffled pant, $17,
Ted Baker scarf, $125,
Earrings, $10,