Enhance audio with Bluetooth system

The Clarity TV Listener (TL100) pipes audio from your TV to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. At first glance, you might think the target market is people in need of hearing aids — and they would definitely benefit from this product.

However, the TL100 also has other uses, for one, if one spouse wants to stay up later watching TV. And if you like clear and crisp audio, it really does enhance any show.

Setup is fairly simple, depending on your TV. The TL100 components come already paired, so all you have to do is turn on the transmitter and the headphones. There is a red button on the headphones that enables a microphone so you can hear outside sounds along with the TV. - DALLAS MORNING NEWS

Pandora Premium could be better than Apple

When it comes to subscription music services, Spotify and Apple dominate the market. But a third big player in the music industry is about to offer consumers another choice.

Pandora, provider of the popular internet radio service, is rolling out its own on-demand music offering, called Pandora Premium. The company is hoping that by building on its radio service, its new subscription music business will stand out from its rivals.

It is an easy-to-use, very personalized music service.

All subscription streaming music services offer users the same proposition. Consumers pay a monthly fee, typically about $10. Pandora Premium, which the company has begun to offer to select users and plans to open up more broadly in coming weeks, tailors its service to users as it goes along; the more you use the service, the more it knows about your tastes.

Pandora is building on what it already knows about its 81 million radio listeners, gleaned from all the songs they have listened to, the stations they have created and the songs they have liked. It will create playlists from your tastes, or you can create your own.

Subscribers access Pandora Premium through the same Pandora app they use to get to the company's radio offering. Like the other services, there are some songs, like those on Taylor Swift's "1989" album, that Pandora doesn't have the rights to stream on demand. (A downside: If you own it, you can't upload it and add to your playlists.) - SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS