When did Valentine's Day become less of a shared day for a couple and become more about the gals? Nearly all of the V Day advertising is about diamonds, roses and lingerie, the usual. I suppose many guys' wants are a bit simpler and more primal--a simple "Gimme Some Lovin" as the old song goes and many guys can call it a day.

A lot of guys (some gals too) buy gifts as a means to an end. Lingerie, for example, is probably enjoyed more by the giver than the recipient.

With that in mind, here are some gifts that a woman could give her partner that might benefit her just as much.

Angie's List (1-888-944-5478) offers eight hours of service from the Handyman Connection (Golden Valley, 763-746-2500) for $225, regularly $499. Put a stop to the gentle reminders to fix thisandthat and let someone else do it. You get all of those loose ends tied up and your partner gets a free weekend. You must be an Angie's List member to get the deal, but you can join for as little as a month. This is a deal-of-the-day for Monday, Feb. 7. Call Angie's List to get the deal, not the Handyman Connection.

WCCO offers a 12' by 12' room painted for $120 at "A Lasting Impression" for its daily deal today, regularly $240. Think you can find another painter to do it for less? Buy a gift certificate there instead. The idea is to get the ugly chore off your plate or your partner's.

Men's Health magazine is only $6.99 for one year (10 issues) if you use the discount code 4585. The regular price is $24.97. Click here to get it. A year (26 issues) of ESPN magazine is $3.99, regularly $13.97 if you use the code SUPERBOWL. Click here to get it.

Want to get your pardner outta the house? How about a gift to A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation at Mall of America. It's a Star Tribune special that runs Friday through Sunday (Feb. 11-13). It's only $22 for an hour of air combat simulation. Go here for details.

A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation

Happy Valentine's Day one week early.