DailyPay, a New York startup that helps workers access their earned wages before payday, has tapped a Twin Cities-based Wells Fargo veteran to lead its new Minneapolis office, which it plans to grow to 100 employees.

Gary Pearcy spent 14 years at Wells Fargo, most recently as chief operating officer of its merchant-services division in downtown Minneapolis. He left the bank to become vice president of DailyPay’s payment operations with a focus on security, reliability and scalability.

DailyPay opened the Minneapolis office this summer. It has hired about 16 people so far, Pearcy said.

“But we’ll be up around that 100 team-member mark if not by the end of the year, by the first quarter,” he said.

The firm is currently working out the Industrious co-working space in RBC Plaza but is actively looking for a more permanent space to relocate to by the end of the year, he said.

As it seeks to become part of the local tech scene, Daily­Pay also will host an invite-only dinner during Twin Cities Startup Week, which starts Wednesday. It is also one of the sponsors of the startup week’s fly-in program that sponsors potential employees who live elsewhere to sell them on the area.

DailyPay is one of a growing number of fintech companies that are either based or have offices in the Twin Cities. Other include Sezzle, ClickSwitch, Apruve, Upsie and Branch, the latter of which rolled out a similar payday-advance offering earlier this year.

DailyPay CEO Jason Lee, who was in Minneapolis earlier this week, said the company did an “exhaustive” nationwide search to determine the location of its second office.

“Minneapolis ranked at the top of the list, hands down, in terms of receptivity to the startup community,” Lee said. “And Minneapolis has historically been a great center for payments, financial services and technology — really the backbone behind what powers a number of different payment enterprises. So we knew there was a deep talent pool here we could beg, borrow and steal from.”

The Twin Cities is a hub for financial services with U.S. Bank, Ameriprise, Thrivent, Securian and Bremer Bank headquartered in the state. In addition, Wells Fargo and TCF have major operations here.

DailyPay also has partnered with a number of companies, some of which have operations in or are based in the Twin Cities. Those include BiteSquad as well as a number of health care service providers. It hopes to add to that list to include other major corporations in the region.

Nationwide, its clients include major fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and Boston Market.

Its service is offered as a benefit through employers that allow workers to receive instant access to their wages they have already earned but for which they have not yet been paid. Workers, or their companies, pay $1.25 to get the money by the next day or $2.99 to get it instantly. Daily­Pay executives compare the fees to ATM fees.

About 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, Lee said. And often, those paychecks arrive after people’s bills are due.

“They’ve got the rent due, but payday is not until two Fridays from now,” he said. “What does that personal typically do? They will pay it late, and incur a $30 or $50 fee. Or perhaps you bounce a check. You’re just trying to make it until payday.”

Those overdraft and late fees are a “silent killer,” he said. “We call that the carbon monoxide of your financial health. The average American is paying $1,400 in late and overdraft fees.”

He added that DailyPay is committed to Minneapolis. “This is not just us setting up a satellite,” he said.

The city has been very welcoming, he added, noting that Mayor Jacob Frey came out to greet them on their first day in town.