'The Guilty'
This Hollywood remake of the Danish crime thriller debuts Friday and preserves the simplicity that worked in the original. Jake Gyllenhaal is virtually the only person we see, playing Baylor, an L.A. cop who has been demoted to 911 duty. He gets a call from a frightened woman who is being driven around by her husband and who pretends to be on the phone with their daughter while offering Baylor coded bits of information. The thrill of "The Guilty" comes from what we intuit about the woman and from the resourcefulness of Baylor, who finds clever ways to help. Gyllenhaal's performance grows overwrought but his commitment draws us into the film. Netflix

'Saturday Night Live'
The 47th season premiere of the sketch comedy on Saturday will feature "Loki" star Owen Wilson as the host, and musical guest Kacey Musgraves. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian will make her "SNL" debut Oct. 9 alongside musical guest Halsey. Rounding out the October schedule are Rami Malek and musical guest Young Thug (Oct. 16) and Jason Sudeikis and musical guest Brandi Carlile (Oct. 23). Much like Kardashian and Wilson, "No Time to Die" star Malek and "Ted Lasso" star Sudeikis have never before hosted an episode of the NBC series.

'My Name is Pauli Murray'
The documentary is a fairly standard affair, with lots of talking heads and archival photos, but the subject is electrifying and the talking heads are almost all women, trans folk and people of color. Murray was a writer, activist and co-founder of the National Organization for Women who was way ahead of her time, both in fighting for the rights of Black people and in begging friends, including Eleanor Roosevelt, to help create a world that respected her gender expression. Conventional though it may be, the film is worth watching because Murray was so wildly unconventional. Amazon

'The Report'
Adam Driver seems to be everywhere this fall, what with his peculiar "Annette" making a splash last month and a pair of collaborations with director Ridley Scott, "The Last Duel" and "House of Gucci," in theaters soon. So why not catch up with a riveting title that didn't get enough attention in its brief trip to theaters in 2018? Written by Minnesota native Scott Z. Burns, "The Report" is a fact-based tale that plays out like a latter-day "All the President's Men." Driver plays a principled, low-level Senate staffer who uncovers evidence that the CIA lied about its use of torture after the Sept. 11 attacks. Driver's unassuming performance serves the movie beautifully and Annette Bening is witty and brisk as Dianne Feinstein. Amazon