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Greetings, all, and happy Saturday. If you're like me (or RandBall, who had to man the Preps blog), and stayed up to watch the end of the Hill-Murray/Minnetonka semifinal last night, you may be a bit sleepy this morning. It went until 12:17 a.m. and took 86 minutes of hockey and four overtimes, and left us all with the same rhetorical question we ask every March: how can you not love the high school hockey tournament?

If you stayed up, then, a few links to help you get going today:

*Will Leitch was once vilified by Buzz Bissinger as the personification of a new scourge of journalism. Bissinger was wrong, and if you've been following Leitch's MLB preview essays at Deadspin (like this tremendous effort about Adrian Gonzalez and the Padres), you'll know why. In my opinion, Leitch has become one of the most entertaining baseball writers out there.

*Over at the Strib TwinsCentric blog, Parker Hageman studies JJ Hardy's defensive numbers - and concludes the Twins may go from weakness to strength up the middle. (Also, the Twins are on TV today - FSN at noon, vs. the Phillies- and the TwinsCentric guys are hosting a game-watching party at Majors in Apple Valley. Join them, if you're in the area.)

*You may already know the story of Mark Titus: Ohio State basketball walk-on turned blogger extraordinaire. If you read his stuff, you'll know that it's mostly sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek - which is why his post about Senior Night, and his reasons for crying in front of everyone, is that much more touching.

*And finally, via commenter Super Rookie: surely the greatest curling-related music video ever made.

Sweden, we take our hats off to you. That'll do it for me; maybe I'll go back to bed.