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I usually like to throw some Twins news into these links, but frankly, it's finally become too depressing. No link that I can share, no joke that I can make, no fiction that I can invent can possibly describe the Twins' season better than two players missing a game because they crashed into each other on the highway. As far as I'm concerned, this goes right to the top of Twins injury lore, up there with the time Marty Cordova injured himself with a tanning bed, and the time that Billy Martin punched out Dave Boswell and the pitcher required 20 stitches. Forget about maybe losing 100 games; this team can't even drive to the airport without something going wrong.

On with the links:

*The refereeing in last week's Florida-Tennessee game was rather, shall we say, spotty. Spencer Hall goes inside the mind of the field judge to find out why.

*Noah Davis at The Run of Play writes an essay about Landon Donovan, a guy who's moved from "frustrating" to "fascinating" in my head. I've watched him through three World Cups now, and I've called him every name in the book along the way, and I'd rate him as probably the best player the United States has ever produced, and I'm not sure I could meet him in person without both insulting him and trying to hug him in the first thirty seconds of this fictional meeting. I think Davis may see this same contradiction.

Over at the Western College Hockey Blog, Chris is asking the tough conference realignment questions. Most of them revolve around questions like "Is the WCHA going to be a minor league?" and "Why does WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod still have a job?"

And finally: as this video clip from EA Sports FIFA 12 proves, realism in video games might have gone too far. (BONUS JOKE FOR ENGLISH SOCCER FANS: It's nice that EA Sports finally introduced the "Falling All Over Themselves" module for Arsenal, isn't it?)

That'll do it for me. Please hang around and enjoy the day of college football. If you're a member of the National Guard, be ready; LSU plays at West Virginia tonight, and if that one turns close and both sets of fans turn angry, America's militias may need to be called into duty.