You may have noticed people taking more selfies than usual lately. That's because an app with a new feature has lit up a selfie storm. Google Arts & Culture recently rolled out a face scanner that matches users' faces with the works of art they resemble. Social media have become inundated with Whistlers and Sargents, presidential portraits and sketches of cherubs, shown side by side with the faces of your friends — and a percentage as to how well they matched. Now that celebs have gotten in on the game by posting their own matches on Instagram and Twitter, we decided to test the app with some of our Minnesota celebrities.

Lizzo: How's Winslow Homer's 1886 woman under a palm tree feeling? Good as hell.

Prince: A schoolgirl, from the artist formerly known as Sadikzade Oktay Seyid Huseyn oglu.

Lindsey Vonn:  It's a slippery slope from ski racer to film star Barbara Stanwyck.

Amy Klobuchar:  Minus the sweet shades, the ­senator resembles Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum.

Stefon Diggs:  Fittingly, the Minneapolis Miracle occurred on MLK weekend.

Bob Dylan:  He's been making curls look cool since 1691.

Walter Mondale:  What do a former veep and a 17th-­century poultry seller have in common? Bone structure.

Mary Tyler Moore:  Looks like Mary made it after all, as a Paris mural of movie legend Elizabeth Taylor.

Judy Garland: Some fans believe she was a deity, just like this Dutch engraving of baby Jesus.