Covering high school football may not be the most glamorous assignment for a big-city sports personality. But WCCO's Norman Seawright III treated the Chaska-Chanhassen rivalry like it was the Super Bowl.

"This is sports at its purest," said the 30-year-old journalist, who became the station's weekend anchor in June 2019.

Seawright spent the 45 minutes before kickoff this past September consulting with cameraman Nick Lunemann, chatting with sources from the running track and checking in with Frank Vascellaro back in the station's downtown Minneapolis studio.

It's the kind of routine he's been perfecting since interning in Louisville, not far from his hometown of Greenville, Ind. That was followed by internships at KARE and Syracuse, as well as professional gigs in Duluth and Charleston, where he was named best sports anchor three years in a row by Virginia's Associated Press Broadcasters.

Between tasks — and numbers from the school marching band — Seawright shared some of the moments that have shaped him, as well as his favorite meals and dating advice.

Who was your sports hero growing up?

Kevin Garnett was one of my favorites. The guy has a singular intensity about him that I respect. I think that impacted me a little bit more than I thought it would. When I'm in the gym training and I want to push myself harder, I think about his intensity.

Favorite sports memory?

It was probably during my freshman year at Ole Miss. There was a game against LSU in 2009 that we won because LSU's coach Les Miles mismanaged the end of the game. SCC football is something else. It's like high school football, but on a bigger scale. You dress up in your Sunday best for tailgating. People think of the South as a backwards place, lost in time, but that's not necessarily true. The atmosphere at those games is really special. Differences are set aside. Everyone should experience it at least one time.

What about in sports broadcasting? Who do you emulate?

I learned a lot from Eric Perkins and Dave Schwartz during my internship at KARE. Dave is very concise and prepared. Eric reminds you to keep everything light. I want to be the best parts of those guys.

What's been your most memorable interview?

Maybe the most intimidated I've ever been was while talking to Megan Rapinoe right after the U.S. soccer team won the World Cup. When it came my turn to ask a question I said that I didn't really know if I had anything meaningful to ask her. She just looked at me with an expression that said, "Man up." I love the way she carries herself. She reminds me of my mom, one of the strongest people I know.

Who's on your dream list of people you'd like to meet?

The chance to talk with Kobe Bryant would have been pretty cool. [Sprinter] Sha'Carri Richardson would be on the list. Kevin Durant seems interesting. He had a way of interacting with the world that I'd like to know more about.

You're a big Earth, Wind & Fire fan. What's the band's best song?

Well, there's the big hits, like "September," but if you want to get really deep, check out some of Maurice White's catalog. "The Sleeping Flame" is great. My dad introduced me to his solo music on the porch a few years back. My dad is pretty extraordinary. He's a pilot, he officiates weddings. A few years ago, he recorded an album and put it on Spotify.

What's your go-to karaoke song?

John Legend's "All of Me." There's a level of simplicity to it, but it also lends itself to showing off a little bit of vocal power if you want to go for it.

You play violin. If I gave you one right now, what would you play?

Maybe "Meditation" from "Thais" or "Adagio" by Tomaso Albinoni. They have passages where you can really shred on the violin.

You've said Denzel Washington is your favorite actor. Best performance?

"Man on Fire" works for me. There's a redemption aspect to that character that he does really well.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities?

I like Red Cow. I checked out Monte Carlo a few weeks ago. I can't stop raving about the wings.

What were the best dishes your parents made at home?

My mom makes an incredible seafood gumbo, but I've actually never had it. I'm allergic to shellfish. Breakfast is my dad's specialty. He can do a biscuit in a way that would blow your mind.

What's your go-to dish that you make at home?

Probably a four-cheese macaroni and cheese. But I don't make it that often. Got to keep the body clean.

Go-to drink?

Tequila and soda with lime. Or an Old Fashioned.

You met your girlfriend recently through a dating app. Any advice on navigating the jungle?

I've been a dating app person for a while. For me, that works. I'm not interested in meeting people at bars. You can do it right so that it's not a horror story. Leave Tinder alone. People on there aren't entirely sure what they're looking for. Bumble can work, but I always come back to Hinge. I like how you can filter and focus on exactly what you're looking for. Be honest. Be yourself. Show a little bit of what you do and who you are. 