I profess to being good at neither rowing nor water skiing, but I can more confidently profess to never having considered combining the two aquatic pastimes into one activity.

Members of the Gophers rowing team, though, had the brilliant idea — and the strength — to do just that on a recent preseason training trip to San Diego.

With team boathouse manager Martha Brummitt waiting behind the eight-woman crew, they proceeded from a dead stop to gain enough speed to get Brummitt up on her skis.

Per the team's website: "Never has this feat been documented by an all-women's crew, let alone with a woman skiing as well."

It wasn't the world's smoothest trip, and Brummitt ended up doing a face plant at the end, but the video of the whole thing — captured on Instagram, including team members cheering them on loudly — is glorious.

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