If you like Red Bull Crashed Ice but think it's a little too tame, there's a new sport on the block.

When Minnesota lakes throw off their icy covers each spring, ice skaters are usually sent back indoors until next winter. But not all blade-footed balancers take this dismissal lying down.

Several skaters took to the trails of Lester Park in Duluth recently to make their own kind of fun. The park has about 9 miles of trails, usually used for hiking and skiing.

But when conditions are just right, the trails are prime for ice skates.

Andrew Kilness, who originally posted the video, said in a Facebook message that he and his friends did nothing at all to groom the trails for skating. He attributed the conditions to hard-packed trails and a period of thawing and raining followed by extreme cold.

Although Kilness said he and his friends have plenty of skating experience on rinks, he said they'd never before skated on such a bumpy surface.

The video has been a hit on social media, including thousands of views on Kilness' original Facebook post. Then BuzzFeed Sweaty picked it up, and that post racked up more than 17 million views.

Next order of business? Work on those high-fives, boys.

Micah Emmel-Duke is a University of Minnesota student on assignment for the Star Tribune.