First of all, it is a VERY Wisconsin thing to have professional athletes on camera chugging beers during one of the biggest sporting events in recent Milwaukee history. The only thing that would make it more Wisconsin, I suppose, is if the beer-swilling athletes were actually about to play in the game.

Second, pitting Aaron Rodgers against offensive lineman David Bakhtiari in a contest of both beer drinking speed and quantity — all of this during what turned out to be a crushing home defeat for the Bucks in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals — was not exactly a fair fight.

Bakhtiari went first, making one plastic cup full of beer look like a thimble full of liquid and making it disappear in 3 seconds … then grabbing another and slamming it with equal speed.

The camera then cuts to Rodgers — bonus points for identifying him as a “Game of Thrones extra and NFL MVP” — who starts with a beer that’s basically half-full and can’t finish it before setting it down.

The kicker? The camera cuts back to Bakhtiari, who chugs one more beer for good measure.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch!

(Bakhtiari, by the way, took on a fan later in a separate contest … while cameras also got Brewers MVP Christian Yelich — who was sitting next to Bakhtiari, while Rodgers was not — chugging a beer, too).

Alas, it was the Bucks who played like they were drunk in the fourth quarter when they were outscored 33-24 as Toronto took a 3-2 series lead.

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