RP Hooks (aka Rapper Hooks; aka Chris Hooks) made an appearance on the popular "Sway in the Morning" radio show last Wednesday.

Hooks, who moved to Brooklyn from Minneapolis last year, sat down with the ever-cool hip-hop gatekeeper Sway Calloway and his co-hosts for the show's "Get in the Game" segment. “Get in the Game” is focused on helping young, promising talent gain exposure. Previous guests have included Logic, Ab-Soul and DUBB.

Sway spends the first half of the segment grilling Hooks about his origin story before opening up the airwaves to listeners to decide if the young rhymeslayer has the right stuff to “get in the game.” Results were decidedly mixed, with many callers drawing unflattering comparisons to young stars such as A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg.

Before moving to Brooklyn, Hooks, who's originally from Chicago, spent the last few years in Minneapolis operating as a solo artist shortly after an amicable split from producer Big Cats! Hooks self-released his latest album, “340am,” last year. He will hit Triple Rock Jan. 30 as part of BLVCK SPVCE.

Watch Hooks get in the game below: