They came. They saw. They smiled. A lot. And so did most of us back home who knew just how quickly but how readily Hippo Campus made it to network TV last night. The Twin Cities-bred quartet performed its EP track “Suicide Saturday” on “Conan” Tuesday on only a couple days’ notice after impressing the show’s music booker during last week’s South by Southwest Music Conference.

“What a ride it’s been for this band, who just a few days ago were making the rounds at the South by Southwest music festival,” Conan O’Brien said in his introduction. The host did not mention that the members are only 19-20 years old and were about to start their very first tour Wednesday. The show’s TeamCoco team joked on their site before the appearance, “We like Hippo Campus so much, we’re starting a tribute band, Rhino University. We’re terrible, so you should probably just stick to Hippo Campus.”

Here’s the clip of their performance, along with some of the clearly enthusiastic social-media postings they sent out from the show. The kids will be back in town April 3 to play the Varsity Theater on their tour with the Mowgli’s.