FEB. 13

Squad car accident. A deputy hit two deer in the 6500 block of Egg Lake Road after they crossed the road in front of his squad car. Both animals ran off after the collision.


FEB. 12

Animal concern. Two dogs were reported outside all day in the 900 block of Jane Road. A deputy checking on the animals found them to be fine and noticed they had access to the garage via a dog door.

FEB. 13

Suspicious activity. Two occupied vehicles at the end of a driveway were reported in the 3000 block of Kelvin Court. A deputy determined the occupants were two women meeting for a walk who ended up there because a nearby park was closed.


FEB. 16

Suspicious person. A man wearing a headlamp on his head was reported throwing something at vehicles near the 4 Seasons Restaurant, 114 Mahtomedi Ave. Authorities were unable to locate the man.


FEB. 15

Driving complaint. A driver was given a verbal warning after a deputy saw him veer onto the shoulder in the area of Manning Trail and Lynch Road and throw something out the window.


FEB. 11

Disturbance. An officer checked on a report of women yelling and banging around an apartment in the 6200 block of 12th Street at 3:30 a.m. One woman in the apartment explained she'd just moved in and she and another woman were hanging pictures.

FEB. 12

DWI/Motor vehicle accident/Leaving the scene of an accident. A driver was arrested for DWI after providing a PBT sample of .24 at 5:45 a.m. in the 4800 block of Hadley Avenue. Moments earlier the driver rear ended a vehicle waiting to make a turn and then crashed into a garage in the area, fleeing both accidents.

FEB. 14

Criminal damage to property. While on patrol an officer noticed a speed sign in the 7500 block of Stillwater Boulevard with a 1 painted in front of the 45.


FEB. 14

Suspicious activity. A male was described as having placed a strange item in the area of 60th Street and Hilton Road. It was determined he put a geocache on a pole at the roundabout there.


FEB. 15

Theft of services. A female who initially refused to pay a taxi fare of $98.20 was able to come up with money after talking to people in Frigaard's Bar, 307 Stillwater Road


FEB. 8

Suspicious activity. Two vehicles were reported circling the parking lot of a restaurant in the 6000 block of Hudson Road. When both vehicles were finally parked their occupants were observed passing things between the vehicles. It was determined the people were transporting dogs and used the spot as a meeting point.

FEB. 9

Suspicious person. A woman in a vehicle was reported taking photos at a bus stop in the area of Maple Boulevard and Cherry Lane. The woman told a deputy she was taking photos of the chaos the buses cause at the stop. She said she'll add the photos to her complaint about the change of time and location of the bus stop.

FEB. 12

Road rage. The driver of a vehicle in the area of Radio Drive and Valley Creek Road told police another vehicle swerved at him after he flipped the bird to the driver for tailgating him. An officer discussed general driving behavior with the complainant.

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Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.