DEC. 7

Neighbor complaint. A resident in the 3000 block of Penfield Avenue who feeds deer in his yard reported a dead deer at his feeder. He told authorities he and his neighbor have had an ongoing disagreement about him feeding the animals on his property and he suspects the neighbor poisoned the deer.


DEC. 5

Trespassing complaint. An empty vehicle was reported parked in the driveway of a home in the 12000 block of Jody Avenue. A deputy found two men fishing on a nearby lake who admitted it was their vehicle. They told the deputy they thought the driveway was a road. They were advised they had accessed the lake through private property and would have to leave.


DEC. 5

Suspicious activity. An elderly male was reported looking into mailboxes while walking a dog in the 10 block of Dellwood Lane. Authorities were unable to locate the man.


DEC. 10

Dumping complaint. Someone in the 1800 block of Briarwood reported that the person who delivers newspapers in the area leaves a mess by first discarding the ads from their vehicle. The complainant requested an extra patrol specifically on Wednesday mornings at 3 a.m. to monitor the situation.


DEC. 7

Dumping complaint. A man in the 1200 block of Quail Way whose home had been toilet papered overnight wanted several other items removed that had been left in his driveway. The miscellaneous items included a television and toolbox. He was informed Public Works could pick them up the next day.


DEC. 1

Emergency vehicle/Failure to yield. An ambulance en route to Regions Hospital with its lights and siren on was reported being followed closely by a white vehicle in the 1000 block of Geneva Avenue. The driver of the ambulance told police the vehicle was so close it could not be seen in the ambulance mirrors. Attempts to contact the registered owner of the vehicle were unsuccessful.

DEC. 4

Neighbor dispute. A resident in the 6500 block of 7th Street complained to police that his neighbor's children continually hit hockey pucks into his yard. He is worried one will damage his property and he said he no longer wants to clean up after the children. An officer talked to the parents of the children who agreed to hold their kids accountable.

DEC. 5

Theft. A truck left running with its keys in the ignition was stolen from the parking lot of O'Reilly Auto Parts, 1179 Geneva Ave.


DEC. 8

Animal assist. A deputy was unable to successfully capture a parrot that had flown up into a tree in the 12000 block of 22nd Street.


DEC. 5

Public assist. The employee of a business in the 2100 block of Eagle Creek Lane requested police assistance after the door of the business locked behind her when she went outside. A customer allowed her to sit in their vehicle until police arrived. An officer gave the employee a phone number of a locksmith and she was later able to get back in.

Littering. A juvenile was given a verbal warning after admitting to throwing a cigarette to the ground in the 10000 block of Hudson Road.

DEC. 6

Suspicious situation. An officer doing a vacation check on a home noticed a vehicle in the driveway. Contact was made with the homeowner who said they'd come home for a family emergency. They were advised to let police know the next time they return home unexpectedly.

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Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.