police blotter


AUG. 1

Animal complaint. A woman in the 14000 block of Forest Boulevard reported a ground hog had hissed at her and then crawled under her car, keeping her from leaving. She said she was frightened for her child. The animal was gone by the time a deputy arrived.

AUG. 3

Injured owl. An injured great horned owl was reportedly hopping around, unable to fly, near the bike path in the 5000 block of 157th Street. A deputy took a photo of the owl and sent it to the Raptor Center. Someone there, upon seeing the photo, asked to have the bird brought to them. With some assistance, the deputy contained the owl and it was transported to the Raptor Center.


AUG. 2

Illegal plants. Several marijuana plants were found on property in the 8000 block of 10th Street. It appeared the plants were growing wild. The landowner was contacted to pull the plants and destroy them.


AUG. 5

Altercation. A newspaper delivery driver reported to police that he had confronted a competing delivery driver about using his newspaper tubes in the area of East Avenue and Hickory Street. The other driver swore and drove off.


AUG. 4

Suspicious activity. Police were alerted to people camping in a tent at Square Lake Park, 15450 Square Lake Trail. The campers told police that they were part of a bike tour and had stopped at the park overnight. They were advised that camping is not allowed at Square Lake Park and told to move along.


AUG. 2

Animal complaint. An officer was dispatched to the 600 block of Greenway Avenue on a report of a rooster living in the garage of a residence. The officer spoke to someone at the address, who explained they had the rooster for a religious blessing of the house and would have it there for the next couple of weeks. The resident was advised they would either need to apply for a permit or get rid of the rooster.


AUG. 2

Animal concern. An officer removed a raccoon stuck in a fence in the 6400 block of Applewood Court. It was released in a nearby field.

AUG. 3

Snake complaint. A resident in the 6200 block of Kalen Drive reported a bull snake living in the bushes in her yard. An officer advised her to call a pest control company or the Department of Natural Resources to remove the snake and any others living in her yard.

AUG. 5

Shoplifter fleeing. A man who had taken a stereo from Wal-Mart, 10240 Hudson Road, and fled the store's security officer was captured by a Woodbury police officer. Three counterfeit bills were also found in his possession. He was booked for theft and fleeing.

AUG. 7

Public assistance. Police received a call from someone concerned that juvenile cyclists were riding too fast through the Queens Drive and Steepleview Road intersection. The caller requested additional stop signs be put up at the intersection.

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Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.