FEB. 6

Unknown situation. A man sitting in a car for 20 minutes was reported in the 200 block of Croixview Drive. A deputy made contact with the man who was conducting an appraisal on a nearby property.


FEB. 8

Trespassing complaint. A man who parked his van in the 10000 block of Ideal Avenue and walked across private property to get to Pine Tree Lake was told by a deputy he was trespassing and that there was not public access to the lake.

FEB. 9

Suspicious activity. A woman told the Sheriff's Department she received a call from someone demanding money and her bank account information. Knowing it was a scam she hung up. She said they called back and told her she had won a trip to the Bahamas. She hung up again.


FEB. 9

Suspicious activity. A resident in the 9000 block of Jane Road reported a gold Suburban backing up in his driveway while his vehicle was running at 6:40 a.m. The Suburban drove away but authorities were unable to locate it.


FEB. 7

Parking violation. A deputy wrote out a citation for a vehicle parked between two No Parking signs on Norell Aveune near Boot Lake. The incident report indicates the driver, who arrived at this time, had a good attitude when the violation was explained to him.


FEB. 8

Disturbance. A female who was reported to have caused several disturbances during a movie at the Marcus Oakdale Cinema, 5677 Hadley Ave., agreed to leave after police intervened.

Alarm call. A woman in the 6500 block of 45th Street told police she had accidentally overcooked some liver which set off a fire alarm. No smoke was in the air when police arrived and a call to the Fire Department was canceled.

Check welfare. An officer checked on a report of someone who fell off a wall while walking on it near Carmike Cinemas, 1188 Helmo Ave. The person who fell was snowboarding and told the officer he was fine and would be leaving.

FEB. 9

Solictor complaint. Someone in the 3500 block of Genevieve Avenue told police a man came to his door selling steaks despite a No Solicitors sign posted there. He also said the man was rude. An officer found the solicitor still in the area. The man admitted he did not have a current permit and would stop selling until he obtained one. He denied being rude.


FEB. 7

Shooting complaint. A woman told authorities her baby woke up and her dog began barking because of gunshots in the 14000 block of 10th Street. A deputy located a group legally trap shooting in the area.


FEB. 4

Accident. A bicyclist reported being hit by a vehicle while riding through the intersection of Hudson Road and Radio Drive. He reported suffering minor bruises and scrapes but did not require medical attention.

Suspicious activity. A man was observed taking a box from a dumpster in front of a house under construction in the 4700 block of Bluestem Way on a Sunday afternoon. The contractor told police the man was given permission to take things from the dumpster but not on weekends and not outside normal working hours.

Suspicious activity. A woman walking in circles in the middle of the road was reported in the area of Tower Drive and Timberlea Drive. The woman took off when she was asked if she needed help according to the report. Police were unable to locate the woman.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.