DEC. 2

Possible poachers. Ten dead deer with their antlers removed were found in the 13000 block of 60th Street.


NOV. 28

Animal concern. Someone in the 11000 block of Julianne Avenue reported finding a small horse in their yard that they thought was slightly injured. The caller put the horse in their barn until the owner could be identified.


NOV. 30

Dumping complaint. Beer cans, cigarettes and other trash were reportedly left by two males ice fishing on Long Lake. The mother of one of the males was contacted and told authorities she'd make sure her son cleaned up the mess.

DEC. 4

Suspicious item. A black bag with bones sticking out from it was reported on the side of the road in the area of 130th Street and Hwy. 61. The bones were determined to be from a deer carcass.


NOV. 29

Suspicious activity. While on patrol a deputy noticed a vehicle parked next to a trailer holding two snowmobiles that were for sale in the 11000 block of Upper 33rd Street. Around 1:30 a.m. the deputy saw one of the snowmobiles was no longer on the trailer and the vehicle was gone. He made contact with the vehicle's occupants, who said they had taken the snowmobile off the trailer to make sure it worked. They were advised it was not the proper time to do that.


DEC. 3

Noise complaint. A resident in the 10 block of Garden Glen reported being upset that a garbage company's trucks were arriving too early in the morning to collect trash. A representative of the company told authorities that they had heard the resident's complaints a number of times before but were pretty certain their trucks weren't arriving too early. Nonetheless the representative said they'd speak with their drivers.


DEC. 1

Pedestrian in roadway. A deputy observed a skateboarder, who was with four other males, riding on the road in the 900 block of Century Avenue a little past midnight. The skateboarder was advised to stop riding on the road. A short time later, the deputy came upon the group again and the skateboarder was back riding on the road. The deputy stopped to issue the skateboarder a citation for pedestrian in roadway.

DEC. 2

Suspicious activity. An older man in a gold van reportedly honked at children after they got off a school bus and yelled "Run kids!" in the area of East Avenue and Hardwood Lane. Authorities were unable to locate the man or van.


DEC. 2

Parking complaint. A commercial vehicle parked on the wrong side of the road and described as a safety hazard was reported by Scandia Public Works in the 19000 block of Olinda Trail. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and he agreed to move it.


NOV. 23

Suspicious activity. A man in a white Ford passenger car was reported speeding through the area of Sawmill Curve and Redwood Curve. The vehicle pulled up to a woman walking down the street and the driver started yelling at her. Police checked the area but were unable to locate the vehicle or the woman.

NOV. 25

Theft/Suspicious persons. A group of four people paid for a meal at a restaurant in the 700 block of Commons Drive with a gift card that had not been activated. After having some of their food boxed up to take home, the group left the restaurant before their table was cleared. They left a $20 bill along with the gift card to cover a $90 tab.

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Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.