Considering the sun is as high in the sky as it was back on March 27, a predicted afternoon high of 83 is nothing to sneeze at. That's about 10 degrees above average. Whatever "average" is. Our weather is rarely average.

I stand corrected: Meteorological summer's average temperature in the metro was 71.3, matching the long-term historical average. In spite of a lack of sizzling heat, nighttime lows were milder (a growing trend) and temperatures were right where they were supposed to be. The Twin Cities area was 2 inches wetter than average, with a slight summer rainfall deficit over the northern third of Minnesota.

Temps in the 80s will spill over into Thursday, when a few thunderclaps herald a cooler front. Lingering showers may keep some football fields muddy for Friday evening games, but the weekend brings lukewarm sunshine and 70s.

The risk of a frost in late September has diminished; if anything I see a mild bias the next three weeks.

Today? A bad hair day as south winds gust over 30 miles per hour. But a warm wind!