Walter Mondale through the years

Former Vice President Walter Mondale was admired for his diplomacy, humor and decency. 


Mondale family portrait in 1964.
Sen. Walter F. Mondale clasped hands and bowed his head in a prayer line Thursday in Unity Unitarian Church, St. Paul, during a rally for civil rights demonstrators in Selma, Ala. in 1965.
In this October 24, 1965 photo, Walter Mondale posed with Sen. Hubert Humphrey. Viewing his first-year record as a Senator, Mondale was proudest of his work in the private deliberations of the Senate Agriculture Committee. When Mondale stressed his advocacy in committee of the Feed Grains Price Support Program, he illustrated his personal concept of the effective role of a freshman Senator.
In this 1965 photo, Sen. Walter Mondale, left, posed with his family: William who was 4,held by Mondale, his wife Joan, daughter Eleanor who was 6, with Bootsie the dog, and Teddy who was 8, with a football.
Sen. Walter Mondale and his wife Joan Mondale, newcomers among Minnesota “regulars” in Washington, had a fine time at the 1965 inaugural ball.
In this January 5, 1971 photo, Sen. Walter Mondale and Sen. Hubert Humphrey are together.
In this January 21, 1977 photo, Walter Mondale took the vice - presidential oath of office administered by House Speaker Thomas P. O’Neill right. Mondale’s wife, Joan, held the Bible.
In this October 26, 1978 photo, members of the high school band welcomed Vice President Mondale to Alexandria, Mn., where he and Sen. Wendell Anderson got their warmest reception. Vice president Walter Mondale brought good luck to Sen. Wendell Anderson in northern Minnesota and then carried his DFL message to southern Minnesota. In a highly partisan speech before several hundred DFLers in Mankato, Mondale called Anderson “the best senator in the U.S.” and stressed party unity.
Vice President Walter Mondale listed intently to President Carter Wednesday during a ceremony in the White House in 1979.
In this July 1, 1978 photo, U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale, right, his wife Joan, and daughter Eleanor, left, bent their heads in prayer at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. They had just arrived in Israel a few hours before.
In this April 9, 1978 photo, Vice President Walter Mondale hugged Muriel Humphrey after she said she would not run for election in the fall. Muriel Humphrey told her party Saturday night that she will relinquish the only public office she has held, rejecting a campaign for four more years in the U.S. Senate seat to which she was appointed in January.
In this August 27, 1979 photo, Vice President Mondale watched Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping serve at dinner.
In this December 30, 1979 photo, Sen. Mondale appeared with President Jimmy Carter following Carter’s announcement of Mondale as his running-mate.
In this May 25, 1983 photo, former Vice President Walter Mondale arrived at the St. Paul Down town airport from Washington, D.C. Tuesday. He was scheduled to attend fund-raising receptions in St. Paul in his continuing quest for the Democratic Presidential nomination.
Eleanor Mondale gave her dad Walter Mondale a lift.
Walter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro (right) to be his running mate in the 1984 US presidential election. Here they were at the Minnesota legislature.
In this October 7, 1984 photo, President Ronald Reagan shook hands with Joan Mondale as Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale brought them together on the stage after a debate that night in Louisville.
In this November 4, 1984 photo, Walter Mondale, predicting an upset victory in upcoming election, poked fun at the Chicago Tribune’s election headline error in 1948. Dewey did not defeat Truman.
In this October 30, 2002 photo, an emotional Walter Mondale accepted the nomination as the new DFL Senatorial candidate to replace Paul Wellstone who died the week before in a plane crash.
Walter Mondale in the Star Tribune photo studio in 2002.
Prior to the unveiling President Bill Clinton and Vice President Walter Mondale talked Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012, as Sen. Al Franken, right, looked on during the ceremony outside the Capitol in St. Paul. A 7-foot bronze statue of former Vice President Hubert Humphrey, a Democrat known as the “Happy Warrior,” was unveiled in a ceremony outside the State Capitol.
Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale, photographed at his Mill District condo.