Image by Chrissie Bonnes via Twitter

Visitors to Thursday night’s packed Walker Wide Open event at the Walker Art Center were greeted by yet another rendition of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden's new signature work,“Hahn/Cock,” aka the big blue rooster. Artist Katharina Fritsch’s blue bird graced the front of condom wrappers that were given away for free.

Naturally, the Twitterverse reacted to the condoms in jest:

“Well played, @walkerartcenter,” said Chrissie Bonnes (@ChrissieTVoR).

“Wow. Trying to imagine the # of complaints if my employer did something that fun,” tweeted Minnesota Orchestra violist Sam Bergman (@violanorth), who co-hosts the orchestra's popular Inside the Classics program. 

A spokesperson for the Walker confirmed that Fritsch approved of the condom design. The merch was manufactured by a third-party vendor. The condoms will be around all summer, or at least while supplies last. But unlike all the rooster merch, these condoms won't be for sale. The Walker will give them away at events, which is even more incentive to get to one while the weather is good.

As of this time, no one has come forth to share whether or not they’ve used one of the condoms. But either way, the rooster condom wrapper is a fun way to promote safe sex and great wordplay.

The bright blue rooster has found its way onto a ton of merch, including tea towels, tote bags, pint glasses, coffee mugs, notecards, notebooks, and t-shirts, all of which premiered at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden reopening on June 10. The iconic, merch-friendly nature of the bird is rivaled only by “Spoonbridge and Cherry.”

The rooster itself sits in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Its arrival was delayed a week because the artist requested that the rooster be repainted with a thinner coating of paint in order to achieve a brighter blue.

Installing the rooster in the garden was a feat in and of itself, with a giant crane lifting it from the ground and onto podium about 24 feet above the ground while four construction workers guided it. Sliding a condom on is infinitely easier.