Entry music for closers is a big deal.

Joe Nathan used Steel Dragon's Stand Up and Shout when he was the Twins' closer and Glen Perkins used Johnny Cash's God's Gonna Cut You Down.

But Fernando Rodney, the Twins' closer, has pretty much kicked them to the curb with a video of Live the Night by W&W and Hardwell and Lil Jon.

Those of us who stayed through Thursday's cold and successful opener for the Twins heard and saw the Target Field premier, which includes public address announcer Adam Abrams doing an introduction that would kill the vocal cords of mere mortals,

According to Twins' senior director of communications Dustin Morse, Rodney came to the team with the music and the Twins Production Team put this together.

"Our team loved it and got to work," Morse said,

If Rodney ever decides to move from baseball to pro wrestling, he's covered.

Our advice, Volume up, lights down. Whether or not you put on headphones depends of if you want to share it with those around you, or on the other side of the nearest wall. Or maybe you just want to wake people on a sleepy Monday.

Twins fans can only hope Rodney is as good as this video.