Q: Do you know if or when "Virgin River" will resume? The end of Season 2 left us hanging — literally — in the wind. This was a wonderful show, and I cannot be the only one who loved watching it.

A: As of mid-December, there was no official word about a third season for the drama, based on a series of novels by Robyn Carr. But considering how successful it has been for Netflix, and how much the show's principals have been talking about plans for another season, and how willing the show was to load the Season 2 finale with cliffhangers, I'd expect it to come back next year. Since Carr has published 21 novels in the series so far, there appears to be plenty of story to tell.

'Dragnet' car debate

Q: My girlfriend and I are both avid fans of "Dragnet" in the '60s when it had Joe Friday and Bill Gannon. I am a car buff and enjoy seeing the car they drive. I know it's a Ford; I say it's a Falcon but my girlfriend says it's a Galaxie. We have a dinner riding on this. Can you please clarify?

A: You should go Dutch for dinner. According to numerous car-conscious sites, the vehicle on the 1967-70 series was a Ford Fairlane. A story in the Los Angeles Times in 2012 even noted that the restored vehicle was owned by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department lieutenant who sometimes drove it to work. Indicating how time marches on, the owner said that "a lot of the younger deputies don't know what the show was about."

For the rest of you who may not know, "Dragnet" was a hugely influential series about L.A. police detectives, principally a character named Joe Friday played by the show's creator, Jack Webb. It began on radio, then moved to TV in 1951-59. It was revived in 1967-70 with future "M*A*S*H" star Harry Morgan as Gannon, and then again in 1989-90 and 2003. It also inspired a big-screen comedy starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks in 1987.

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