Vikings receiver Mike Wallace was very entertaining today in the lockerroom.

He's from New Orleans, has a fleur de lis behind his left ear, so I asked. ``Saints symbol, or general New Orleans symbol?"

``New Orleans," he said. ``My home."

Best food in New Orleans/ ``My Mom's house," he said.

Can I get a number? He laughed.

Ever go by the Manning house in the Garden District?

``No," he said, smiling. ``That's not exactly in my neighborhood."

I have been to the Manning house. It's beautiful and well-maintained, but not one of the more extravagant houses in the Garden District.

Wallace and I agreed that for all the great high-end restaurants in New Orleans, some of the best places are holes in the wall, dives, places you eat off paper plates.

I also had a football question: Top three quarterbacks in the NFL today?

His answer: ``Rodgers...Ben...Brady."

He wasn't trying to form a greatest-of-all-time list, but it's still interested. Hard not to put Rodgers at No. 1 right now. Brady has been exceptional for a calendar year. And Wallace played with Ben Roethlisberger, so he's showing appreciation and loyalty.

No Peyton Manning? That's fair and in my eyes accurate. It's also interesting, because usually players try to over-praise their next opponent.


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