File this under: Good problem to have, but something to nonetheless keep an eye on.

The 10-2 Vikings have had a balanced offense despite playing much of the season with backups at quarterback and running back and a defense that has again been rock-solid. They could find their coaching staff raided in the offseason.

ESPN is not the only outlet to note this, but an item Wednesday took a look at "21 NFL head coaching candidates you need to know." On that list, you can find a prominent mention of Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. He is one of 13 coaches to receive a contextual write-up of why he is a strong candidate. There are eight more coaches in the "other names to watch" category, and you can find defensive coordinator George Edwards on that part.

Shurmur's candidacy will likely come down to fit. Given his background, he might be most attractive to a team with a young QB.

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