Quick hits from the Vikings' 10-9 loss to Seattle:

This was one of the worst losses in the history of a franchise known for crushing losses. This is what it means to be a Vikings fan: You sit outside for five hours in sub-zero temperatures, and watch your kicker miss a 27-yard field goal to lose a playoff game.

Six points:

1. Adrian Peterson can't fumble. Don't blame him for failing to gain yards in freezing cold against a great defense. Do blame him for fumbling the ball away with careless ball security at a crucial juncture of the game.

2. Wilson's poise made the difference. He watched a snap go over his head, put his mouthguard in, scooped it up, avoided the rush and hit Tyler Lockett in the middle of the field to set up the only touchdown of the game. That's Russell Wilson's career in one play. Incredible poise and athletic ability.

3. Teddy wasn't ready. Bridgewater played cautiously, as usual. That meant missing a few wide-open receivers in his hurry to complete short passes.

4. Sendejo's drop costly. Andrew Sendejo is one of those NFL pluggers who is always going to be fighting to keep his job. Dropping an interception - yes, it was a tough play - may cost him in Minnesota.

5. Yes, Bud Grant wore a golf shirt to the opening coin flip. What a beauty.

6. This is a quick-hit post. We'll have full coverage up at startribune.com tonight and in the paper tomorrow.