cutlerWe enjoyed some chicken wings with a large group of pre-storm revelers Sunday. The official idea was a chicken wing “crawl,” akin to a pub crawl, although we only made it to two places.

Still, our heart and desire could not be questioned. We cannot say the same for one of the two football teams involved in the Sunday night game around which our gathering was built.

The Bears are awful. You can say it with stats (80 points allowed in the first halves of their last two games). You can see it just by watching blown coverages and listless Jay Cutler dropbacks. And you can read about it. Oh, can you read about it. Here are a couple of samples:

From the Chicago Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom: I started writing this at the end of the first quarter, hoping to get it posted by hafltime because I wanted the Bears to fire Marc Trestman before the start of the third quarter. Geez, it was 42-0, Packers, at halftime, so how much worse could it be if the coach had been whacked after two quarters? … Trestman deserves it. Bears fans deserves to see him whacked. What happened on Sunday night in front of God and NBC was a pathetic excuse for preparation and execution by a coach who has become a disaster at preparing his team to execute. The Bears organization, however, deserves to see Trestman stay because those wonks are too stupid to know how awful this is.

Per ESPNChicago’s Jon Greenberg:  If Virginia McCaskey sent me a telegram asking for my advice on how to fix the Chicago Bears, this is what I’d write back to her: Fire everyone you can. Cut the rest. Sell the team. Sure, that’s harsh advice for the proud matriarch of Papa Bear’s franchise.

But after another blowout loss for a completely listless squad, it’s an idealistic checklist of what the Bears need to do in the next couple of months to right this sinking ship. Fire coach Marc Trestman and his staff and general manager Phil Emery. Get the new guys to blow up the roster. Convince the McCaskey family to sell the franchise to someone with a couple of billion dollars and a clue. Or you know, just keep practicing hard and praying for good results. Whatever works.

I don’t want to overreact in the wake of a nationally televised 55-14 debacle to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night at Lambeau Field, but what else is there to say about a team that is not just bad, but awful in every phase of the game?

So you have a team falling apart at every seam heading home after back-to-back road drubbings to face … the Vikings.

For Minnesota’s sake, we would hope the Bears don’t fire Trestman yet — and that any semblance of a slow start Sunday will turn the Soldier Field faithful into full booing mode. A win for the Vikings, remember, would draw them even at 5-5 with three consecutive home games to follow. Before the season started, this game seemed like a probable loss. Now the Vikings might be able to knock the Bears over with a feather to get back to even.

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