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Give him a game ball

Ponder had a great game today, he didn't fumble the clipboard, he didn't miss a wide open receiver all day … and he allowed Musgrave to open up the playbook for long passes.


Little less angst watching TV

Cassel looked much more confident and comfortable than Ponder. With Ponder, there are 4-5 plays per game where I went "what where ya thinking?" Today, I only remember saying that once.


Making good points

The Vikes have now scored 34, 27, 30, and 24 points, but only won the game where they scored 34. Nobody else has to score over 31 points a game to win. … The problem is the defense.


Take the bull by the horns

I'm so tired of the "play not to lose" play-calling in critical situations. 2 run plays and then a punt? C'mon, show some creativity, pass, get the first, and then you never have to punt. Game over.