As we have said many times over the years -- and many times this year already -- the Vikings are sometimes good, they are sometimes bad, but they are rarely boring.


Further proof today: it sure sounds like Christian Ponder will be the starting QB when the Vikings face the Packers on Sunday night because Josh Freeman has an apparent concussion.

[Feel free to insert your own skepticism over this injury and Ponder's prior rib injury right here].

If you are a Vikings fan grasping at straws right now, let's try optimism in either direction:

1) If you want the season to be lost and don't care how bad it gets if it means a really high draft pick, remember that Ponder was really bad this season -- and the best we could say about him last year was "decent to slightly above average, at times." So the move back to Ponder, whose confidence has been run through the blender these past two weeks, can only be a good thing for you.

2) If you believe in winning games -- particularly against the Packers -- above all else, then you can look back to last year's 37-34 victory over the Packers in which Ponder had a 120.2 passer rating. That's the second-best mark in any game for a Vikings starting QB since Brett Favre in 2009.

*The strange truth is that the best passer rating in any game for a Vikings QB since 2009 came for Matt Cassel against the Steelers this season. He had that very good game, a dud in which the entire team seemed to give up against Carolina, and suddenly he is banished. Weird. Just weird.

*Also, what must Greg Jennings be thinking? Even after listening to him talk for about 15 minutes this afternoon, we aren't convinced he isn't going bonkers internally. Remember, he played 96 games for the Packers. All but one of those games was started by either Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers (the other was Matt Flynn, who started twice while Jennings was there, though Jennings was out for one of them). He has played six games with the Vikings. He has already seen passes from three QBs, and now they are back to the guy they started with. Jennings had 11 catches for 150 yards and zero TDs in Ponder's first three starts this season.