My Week 1 NFL power rankings:

1. Minnesota Vikings: Homer pick? Nope. You've come to the wrong place for homer picks. The Vikings are No. 1 because they produced the most impressive victory over what I think was a quality opponent. The 49ers look pretty good.

2. Los Angeles Rams: They spotted a half on the road to a team with a supposed home-field advantage, and then took the Raiders apart in the second half.

3. Philadelphia Eagles: Could be No. 1 based on the Super Bowl and a Week 1 victory over Atlanta, but if the Falcons had been competent in the red zone we'd be talking about the Eagles' injuries and faltering offense.

4. Kansas City Chiefs: I covered Pat Mahomes, a nice guy with an erratic arm. If he had thrown like his son Patrick does, the senior Mahomes would be in the Twins Hall of Fame, or maybe Cooperstown.

5. New England Patriots: I don't trust Kansas City to stay ahead of New England, but they were more impressive in Week 1.