A vandalism spree that left dozens of car windows broken in south Minneapolis early Sunday -- and which resumed Monday night -- may stiffen the resolve of an already engaged neighborhood, one block club member said Monday.

"It's inconvenient, yes," said Sheila Foster, a 20-year resident of the Corcoran neighborhood. "But let's put it this way: It didn't scare anybody."

Just before 1 a.m. Sunday, Foster was awakened by windows being smashed in succession along 19th Avenue S. just south of South High School. On her block, eight vehicles, including her Chrysler Town & Country minivan, were damaged.

Then, on Monday night, several more vehicle windows were smashed in the same area, according to neighborhood eyewitnesses and a Minneapolis police dispatcher, who added that the search continued for the culprit or culprits.

Outside Foster's house Monday afternoon, two City Auto Glass employees replaced the van's rear window and vacuumed glass from the pavement. "It makes a mess, boy," said glass technician Klint Nadeau.

Police announced in a crime alert Monday that at least 126 cars had been vandalized in the Corcoran, Standish and Ericsson neighborhoods Sunday. The alert came a day after police indicated that the damage might have been caused by two men in a truck using a baseball bat.

Spokesman Sgt. William Palmer said an investigator had been assigned to the case.

Said Foster, "If their intention was to put fear in a neighborhood, they didn't succeed." Rather than be knocked back on their heels, the people talk and look out for one another, she said.

At 7:40 a.m. Sunday, Foster sent an e-mail to 16 neighbors alerting them to the damage. By day's end, the police's local crime prevention specialist had added her voice to the e-mail mix, which exploded even further on neighborhood issue forums after Monday's fresh crime spree.

"If you can get your car off the street, I'd certainly advise it," one resident wrote on e-democracy.org's Standish-Ericsson neighborhood issues forum. "Hopefully the creeps will be caught this evening."

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