Some call them tokens of love, others call them trappings of a overly commercialized holiday. But chocolate, flowers, and a steak & lobster dinner symbolize what many Americans think represents Valentine's Day.

But Cupid isn't getting quite as much love in 2017. Americans plan to spend about 8% less on love day this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

But with discounters Aldi and Walgreens, couples can spend far less than the $136 that most will spend this year. Take a look at this week's Sunday circulars from each chain.

Who expected Aldi to be so in tuned to romance? This week's flyer features two filet mignon for about $12, 12 oz. of jumbo scallops for $9.99, two 4 oz. lobster tails for $12.99, a dozen roses with  greens and babies breath for $12.99, and chocolate and fresh strawberries for dipping. All that for less than $55. 

Want to spend even less? Aldi also offers  6 roses without greens or babies breath for $3.99 or a dozen tulips for $2.99. Live orchids are $9.99.

Admittedly, Aldi is not one-stop shopping. It doesn't sell greeting cards or red underwear (does it?) but Walgreens does. There's the pharmacy's non-European chocolate--an iconic Whitman's Sampler or Russell Stover box for $4.99 (with reward card). Or plush teddy bears with hearts on them ($4.99 to $24.99). Walgreens flyer also suggests an As Seen on TV nail or makeup kit, Valentine themed socks or underwear and live potted plants for $3.99 to $9.99. 

Whitman's sampler and red boxers or steak and lobster? Happy Valentine's Day on a budget. 

Items listed at Aldi and Walgreens are on sale through Saturday, Feb. 11 while supplies last. 



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