A Vadnais Heights student allegedly made racial slurs and gestures at one of his teachers whom he is accused of stalking, according to charges filed Monday.

Uriah J. Meidlinger, 19, was charged in Ramsey County District Court with one count of felony aggravated stalking committed because of bias.

Meidlinger is accused of harassing an Asian female teacher at WELS North School, a school for young adults with emotional and behavioral disabilities.

According to the complaint, the teacher "reported that the defendant frequently calls her a '[expletive] [slur]' and then places his hands by his eyes, pulling them and stretching them as if to mock her Asian race," the complaint said. "The defendant also periodically runs at her and 'jump kicks' at her in a threatening way."

The teacher told authorities that the harassment was ongoing, and that she had told Meidlinger to stop.

On Feb. 28, he allegedly called her racial and misogynistic slurs several times, backed her into a corner and told her, "I [expletive] hate you." He made similar comments again on March 1.

School staff members met with Meidlinger, who approached the teacher afterward and told her, "You little snitch. You messed with the wrong gangster. I'm going to get you. I know where you live."

In an interview with a Ramsey County sheriff's deputy, Meidlinger "stated that he is a racist and does not like Hmong people," the complaint said.

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