OH MY HE S ON FIRE Hogs with a BlogVideo game/NBA fans of a certain age (copyright: me) revere NBA Jam as one of the greatest creations of all-time. Whether you played the arcade version or the Nintendo/Sega version, it was a game-changer.

The 2-on-2 battles featured outrageous dunks and, of course, “fire” mode when a player was in a zone and couldn’t miss.


Ah, it’s like I’m 18 again.

If you were an early fan of the Wolves, though … eh, things weren’t so great. The original lineup was based on 1992-93 rosters, and the Wolves team was Christian Laettner and Chuck Person. Deadspin ranked all the original rosters a few years ago and correctly put the Wolves 25th out of 27.

HOWEVER: The good folks at Hogs with a Blog have created an updated version of NBA Jam with current NBA teams and rosters. You need an SNES emulator (admittedly a bit of a legal gray area) and the download from this page (which also has the trailer for the updated game). After that, you can play with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins when you pick the Wolves.

Yeah, I’d say the last two NBA Rookies of the Year are a pretty nice upgrade over Laettner and Person.

If anyone with more time/energy wants to play this and give me a review of the new Wolves, I’d love to hear about it.

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