Hennepin County prosecutors accused three people of murder in connection with the shooting death of 19-year-old Corey Preston Elder, while three others are also likely to be charged.

The group of six planned to break into Elder’s Bloomington apartment, steal from him and rough him up, according to criminal charges. But instead one of the men dragged Elder to a bed, raised a black handgun and fired a shot into his neck. The bullet grazed his jugular vein, shattering his spine and fracturing his skull.

Charged so far in Preston’s death are Megan Christine Cater, 19, of Lakeville; Noah John Peterson, 21, of Lakeville and Briana Marie Martinson, 20, of Prior Lake. Each faces counts of second-degree murder, burglary and assault. The others could be charged later this week.

The criminal complaint indicates that three more will be charged as co-defendants. They are in jail after being arrested over the weekend. Five of the six waived their Miranda rights and admitted to taking part in the crime.

According to the criminal complaint:

The six suspects gathered in Elder’s apartment parking lot at 6800 Old Shakopee Road in Bloomington with a plan of taking drugs and a video game system from him. One of the suspects carried a loaded gun with him.

Cater and another suspect knocked on the door, which a woman with Elder answered. They burst into the apartment followed by two other suspects. Peterson and another suspect waited in the car.

Once inside, the four beat Elder and ransacked his apartment. After fighting two of the suspects, one of them dragged Elder onto a bed next to the woman, then fired his gun. The suspects then ran to their car and drove away.

Police said when they arrived at the apartment Elder was already dead.

Police said they recovered the handgun used to kill Elder.