Two young men who were accused of making explosive devices with John LaDue entered guilty pleas in court in Rice County on Friday.

The two, who were both 17 when they were charged in June, each pleaded guilty to one count of possessing and making explosive devices. Another count against each was dismissed.

One of the young men specifically pleaded guilty to purchasing 15 pounds of potassium perchlorate for LaDue. The other helped LaDue make "crickets" in the upstairs of a Waseca home by putting black powder inside an empty CO2 cartridge, according to charges.

The two, now 18, did not know of LaDue's plans to use explosives to kill students, the charging documents said.

Prosecutors allege that LaDue, who was arrested in late April, was close to carrying out a plan to kill his family, then go to Waseca Junior/Senior High School to carry out a massacre.

Some of the explosives that the others helped make were set off or attempted to be set off at a park and school ball fields, charging documents allege.

Waseca County attorney Brenda Miller said Friday that under plea agreements in juvenile court, each of the young men will get 180 days probation and, if successfully completed, will not be found guilty. Each will also do community service and write a letter of apology to the school. One of the young men will pay restitution for damage caused by the explosives.